Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tossing the kipper. . .

Here is a cartoon I did a few years ago to celebrate Tartan Days and the sport of Caber tossing.
Caber toss. . .

His name is Petey, and is the mascot for our
Sherlock Holmes group.
He is a Narwal. (For some reason I left out his tusk, which I never do.)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Good weekend

 Fun weekend.
Got nephew down to the river for
the first time in about 15 years. He looked almost as good in his boat as he did on the rocks.
 JohnnieBling surfing up a storm at double-drop.
 The old-timers still make it look easy.
 Old timer, another pose.
 Good to see a lot of newer boaters on the river.
 Mr.Bling giving it another go.
One of my favorite times, beer and the gang at the end of a good day on the river.
 Got out to the cabin on Sunday.
Flowers all over the place.
Although the dog-woods are out in the city and further south, they are not out yet at the cabin.

 The colors and patterns in the water.

 Water gliders out.
Finally got to photograph a couple beers I enjoyed a few months back.
Both I will look for again, and would not refuse if offered.
The large of the two is a fairly local brew.
The bluebird, an import.

Just love the simple lines. . . .

Scott Brough

Monday, March 19, 2012

Most of you know . . . .

how much I love animation, and the process of developing an animated movie. . .
well, when you couple that with my love of the Sherlock Holmes stories. . . , well you can imagine how excited I am to have permission to reproduce the following images from the DVD release of  "Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes" from Warner Brothers.
I contacted the artist Frederick Gardner and was given permission to reproduce them on my Sherlock Holmes blog and here. Thanks Mr. Gardner.
I know when I help others with their paintings and layout I always stress how important perspective is when making your early layouts. In the following drawings is some fantastic perspective work. I hope you enjoy. . .

Clic on the image to see it a little larger, but go to Frederick's blog to see the full size.
The birds-eye view of London is especially great in full size.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Another new favorite.. . .

While visiting with Michael in Salida, he introduced us to a fellow artist out there.
Joshua Been

And I fell in love with his work. I know my computer screen here does not to justice to his colors, so check out his stuff. His studio is in the lobby of an old hotel, so it really has some appeal to people walking by.
He does, I believe, mostly plein air, and comes to Missouri often for plein air events.

End of an era. . . .

From St Louis today 2002:

"Signs in front of The Big Boy's Restaurant greet travelers along Interstate 70 at Wright City on Aug. 27, 2002. The restaurant is noted for its fried chicken. Kentuckian J.W. "Big Boy" Chaney passed through Wright City in the early 1920s, before there was a hard road, and rested his 300-pound bulk at the Silver Moon Cafe. He liked the menu and the surrounding countryside so much that he bought the restaurant in 1924 and renamed it for himself."

I remember people from St Louis, about a 50 mile drive, talking about going to Big Boys in the late 50's, early 60's just for the fried chicken. I went there a lot in the late 80's, early 90's when I was working on my cabin. I had to drive right past it on the way, so it made an easy stop for breakfast on my way out. Once I got the stove installed, I would go light the fire in the cabin, then go to Big Boys for breakfast till the cabin warmed up.

This is what it looked like inside in its hay day.

Like most of the old places along what is now highway 70, the interstate system, which we now all enjoy, was the start of the downfall of Big Boys.
Although it held on for an additional 40 years, its decline was sad to watch.

No longer able to draw the crowds it use to, it gradually started to lack the appeal it once had.
About three years ago it closed its doors. The building was left to decay and became vandalized and is now being taken down.
Some of the old staff tried to buy the place and keep it going, but it got lost it tax issues.

The old staff did however open another Big Boys, in a new strip maul across the highway, trying to keep some of the old recipes alive.
Good luck to them

If you can remember driving west across Missouri before the interstate system, you will remember lots of old places like this that use to serve traveler.
Many, you can still see, but now are some other sort of business. And, sadly, many more are gone.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wow! What a great vacation.

 After a couple of days driving, and only having to avoid tumbleweed stampedes, we made it to Colo. on Sat. the 25th.
Drive was good and all went well.
Sat. we stocked up on groceries and settled in.
Sunday, bright and warm.
Wife headed to slopes. . .
. . . while daughter and dad headed to the bunny hill and the magic carpet.
But first we practiced sitting on a lift chair.
We spent a good hour or so warming daughter up to skiing by going up and down the bunny hill over and over to get her sea (ski) legs back.
When the magic carpet wasn't running, dad would pull or push her up.

Please, no paparazzi.

Monday we headed over to Salida.
Warmer and not much snow. Beautiful.
Here is the Ark. river, which I had kayaked last July.
 We made new artist friends.
(I will post his work here soon and give you more details.)
 This is Michael (often posted artist on this blog) having lunch with us.
We stayed with him and his wife, and they helped us explore more of the area.
 After lunch we headed to the some-what ghost town of St. Elmo.
 I have to find all the Post Office's I can.

 And of course, plenty of log cabins to see in Colo.
This one in St. Elmo.
 Exploring the old school with a little help from a friend.
 Neat wrap around the wood burning stove.
Probably helped spread out the heat a little more while protecting people from the hot stove.
 What ya looking at?

The old school.
 How much snow did they have?

An old truck at a B&B we may explore next year.
 And of course, hot springs.

Although it took daughter a while to get in, she enjoyed it once we did.
Her thoughts; "You want me to sit in a river in the middle of the winter!"
Six or eight deer crossed the river just below us. None had towels.

 I got to explore Michael's studio and recent works.

Daughter got to play with Chuck-e-boy.

She also helped make breakfast,. . . right Mike?

Colby all excited.

More time with the cat.

 Tuesday morning, a little snow and cloudy.

 Explore Salida a little more before heading back over the pass.

One more day on the bunny hill and one day of lessons. . .

 . . . and a little playing.

(Our little snow angel.)

While daughter took lessons, mom and dad got on the hills.

Mom coming down.

Next day, waiting for the bus.
New snow, and cold wait.

 May as well relax while we wait.

All excited about her first lift ride onto the big hills.

Yea! First time down the slopes!
I think only one or two falls all the way down.
Mom and dad were so proud.

 We ended up doing six runs her first day.

Including the Haunted Forest.

She could actually go faster through there than dad.

Sixth trip, still excited.

Next day, colder and windy.
Here keeping nose warm.

Here keeping nose warm on the lift.

Still keeping nose warm.

 Keeping nose warm, still.
Colder, we only did two runs on this day, but daughter did great.

Happy and content on the way home.