Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hydrodynamics, beach time with friends and kicking up a storm.

 Working on the kayak race course.
Narrowing the channel so the water goes faster.
 Beach time with friends.
Outdoor soccer season has started.
Two games this past weekend.


Back on the bombing run: One of the last two flying Lancasters pays tribute to the 55,000 Bomber Boys who never returned with flight on the route thousands of sorties took to target the Nazis

Story here;

Monday, March 16, 2015

Girl Scout cookie delivery day!

 Started with a wall of cookies. . . .
"Where'd they all go!" . . .only a few left after delivery.

Thanks O'Fallon Post Office and friends.

My wife said, "This show is porn for guys like you." - I love her.

Just discovered this show this weekend (after a tip-off from a buddy) and I loved it.

Really shows the down and dirty of the dirty business of taking down old buildings and moving them and then putting them back up.

Although not only dealing with log cabin type buildings, they have been the main focus of the episodes I have watched. (They took down an old corn crib last night.)

Lots of memories came back watching the show. The dirt, the smells, a reminder of how heavy the logs can be. And even some of the dangers involved.

The lead builder, Mark Bowe, really knows his stuff and loves what he does.

Most of the episodes I have watched so far deal mostly with the process of taking down the buildings and not the putting back up and finishing.

But it sure is fun to watch.

It only slightly suffers from the pit falls of reality TV, and that being the need to show drama where none really exists.

If ya love old log buildings, you will love this show.

Milestones - 3/15/15 - No Training Wheels!

Yea! Freedom to ride where ever I want!

Look, Ma! No training wheels!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Which one are you?

Some I am not sure are things you would brag about.
Some are a good thing, some like lowest rate of syphilis is rather less so.

And even worse!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Back from our ski trip 2015

 Just got back from a week skiing in Breckenridge Colo.

Here are wife and daughter getting ready to be fitted for skis.
 First day out, getting ready to go.
 Looks like a natural.
Still no poles the first day.
 Most afternoons were nice enough to sit outside at lunch or break time.
 Getting ready to go after lunch.
 Beautiful wife in a beautiful place.
 Wife and daughter planning our next route.
 Up we go.
Ready at the top.
 Our guide 'Mr. Bling'
 Wife and I while daughter was in Ski School.
 Then we took a day off to play at the children's museum.
 Making a get well card. . .
 . . . for a friend who got hurt first day skiing.

Here the nurse is releasing him from care.
(He lost a little weight while waiting).
 Here is daughter and I after we got stuck on the lift for almost an hour.
 Third day out, daughter got her poles.
 Not every day was sunny.
Snowy day with friends.
 We got home Sunday afternoon, and daughter had not had enough of snow and cold so decide to play outside for a couple of hours.
Here in snow fort with friends.