Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Milestone - post number 1000!

It all started on May 9th, 2008 with this; Welcome to my blog. This is a first for me, since I don't usually like these sort of things.

The first image I posted was two post later and a small illustration I did for a kayak publication;

I don't know what I really had planned for this.
I think I was hoping it would be a good platform to encourage me to do more art work.
In that sense it has work.

I started at the very beginning posting some of my cartoons for a Sherlock Holmes group I belonged. Then in May of 2009 I started an ambitious project of trying to do a tree a day for a year to improve my tree drawings.

The announcement came in this form.

It was a small tree I did in Microsoft Paint just to get going.

I guess the plan worked in many ways. Although It got spread over more than a year my trees got better and I ended up doing over 370 drawings that I ended up calling 'QS' for quick sketch.

I think, besides an avenue for my art I wanted to have the blog be somewhere I could post things I found interesting, whether it be a personal matter like family events or other artist or topics I found interesting.
My most prolific year had 207 posts, me least 105.
But the amount posted here also changed when I started two other blogs on subjects I found interesting that meant I did not post as often here.

My daughter probably got more post here than any other topic. It was a good space to catalog our 'expeditions'.
Although the blog would be in existence for almost a year before I would start posting her here.

One of the first would be her having her first high tea in London 2010

She's a little bigger now.

Social media like 'facebook' has really changed the world of blogging I would imagine.
But even though I was unsure how I would like it in the beginning I ended up loving the format.

Some times my other blogs take time away from this one, but I do try to make an appearence here at least a few times a month.

So I hope it has been as much fun for you, both my readers, as it has been for me.

See ya next time I have something to say.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Speaking of Beatrix Potter. . .

Well, I guess we weren't. But after listening to NPR this morning I guess we are now.

Recently a 'new' old manuscript by Ms. Potter has been found and is being published. As most people know a big part of the charm of her books were her wonderful illustrations of her stories.
Unfortunately, with her recent marriage and WWI coming on she never got around to illustrating 'Kitty-in-boots'.
So to go along with this new publication they had to come up with an illustrator to do the stories justice.
They choose Quentin Blake who is possibly best known for illustrating the books of Roald Dahl.

Well, besides this all being great news for fans of Potter's works, it got me thinking how much I enjoy visiting an artists studio, past and present. Many museums have acquired artists studio and many have been preserved so we can see if not how at least where they worked.
I have visited a few and hope to see more. It is also a treat to visit present working artist studios and see how they use the space, as well as how they 'decorate' their working environment. Some are simple and sparse, while others cluttered and filled with inspiration.

Here are some pictures of Mr. Blake's and a few others.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

For Sepia Saturday 312

Dad's old Cricket team St Louis very early 1960's. Dad is front row, second from the left.
The short man, back row, forth from the left name was George. He did not drive as I remember so he and his wife would travel to many cricket games with us.

Sepia Saturday 312