Monday, April 7, 2014

Busy weekends so far this spring. . . .

 This time of year it is 'Fish Fry's' and we have to ring the bell when we leave.
 Weather has turned nice enough to start looking for old grave markers for "Find A Grave" again.

 After having a stellar indoor soccer season, we have started outdoors.

 First Sat. of the month is building projects at "Home Depot"

 This month was a Rio 2 Bird Feeder.
 Tartan Days on Sat. where daughter got more out of the sword fighting than the dancing (especially when a boy asked her to dance.)
 But she did show her girly side.
 New Scot Bonnet
 Dancing with friends.
 Waiting for the next song.
Fish and Chips.

 Sign of the times.
Sunday up to the farm.
Ready to go fishing mom.
 On our way.
 "Any luck?"

 "Nope, but lots of good practice."
 And you can't beat the view.
 Next over to the fairgrounds to swing. . . .
 . . . get locked up. . . .
 . . . and explore the old caboose.

Proper kite flying posture.

Busy, busy, busy.

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