Tuesday, October 5, 2010

England Day 19 - July 31st. Leave the coast and goin' home

We had to get up early to close up the cottage and get on the road.
Robin hiked up the hill and brought the car down so we could load up and be on our way.
On our drive we were able to negotiate with the car rental place to keep the car for half a day more and take a drive into the town where I was born, Selby, Yorkshire.
Selby is a mid to large market town with much of its early industrial history based on ship building because of the river Ouse and the Selby canal.
Henry the first was born there, as well as John T. the first.
My first home, which I remember nothing about, is number 2 Abbots road.
My mom and dad lived here taking care of mom's parents till we moved to America.
The Street.


The House.

The Door.

As you can see, Emelaine was not to impressed.

We then drove around and located where my mother grew up.
Number 16 Douglas street.

My mom use to talk about how far it was to the out-house, especially on a dark cold night. Having to walk through the narrow alley all the way to the back of the yard, near the church wall. And this was with no lights. She said it was even worse when an old man next door was in the alley smoking.
On my first visit to this house, I had to check out the alley and out-house. I had expected it to be a long way away at the back of a long yard. I reality it was about 20 feet away in a very small back yard.
What our kids memories remember.

And you can see, Emelaine is still not impressed.

We then drove past Selby Abbey where I had my baptism.

After viewing these early Foster (actually Cryer) landmarks, we drove to York and had a little time to wonder around the old part of town and see the Shambles

and the market square

before catching the train at York Station for London.

We had a good ride back to London on the train and found our way to familiar ground and Barbara's apartment.