Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Milestone - First Major League Baseball game.

Daddy, not being a big baseball fan, stayed home and mowed the grass while daughter went with mom for Girl Scout night at the ball park.

Here, cheering for a home run.

Having snacks with Girl Scout friend.

(They did all the ball park food you could imagine it sounds like.
Well you have to your first time don't you?)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Three day weekend and what do we do? We send daughter off with Grandma to the farm.
Well we did, but we only did that for part of the weekend.

And as soon as Grandma sends me some photos of their day I will add them here. (I heard daughter caught a fish with her 'Barbie' rod and reel!)

Wife and I planned to celebrate our anniversary on this weekend also, so we had a lot to pack in to three days.

Since I do such a dismal job of planning for anniversaries, wife took charge of this one and we headed west, first stopping in . . . . . .

. . . . Hermann Mo. An historical Missouri River town known for it's wurst

and wonderful old buildings.

County courthouse.

And award winning wines.

Wonderful rolling hills and fine scenery could keep an artist busy for a lifetime in this area.

And if you have artists block, just hit one of the wineries.

Next stop. . . .

Swiss Meats and Sausage Company Store. . .

which not only had some great Sausage and such, but also displayed this wonderful little cabin out front.

So far so good; log cabins, wine and wurst.

We next headed towards our evenings destination, with wife indulging me and allowing me to stop at yet more. . . .

. . .  old buildings and. . .

. . . old churches (1901), and yet another. . .

. . . log cabin.
I have the perfect wife.
In many areas along this drive near Hermann you can sometimes feel like you are driving in old Europe with it's many small churches and brick buildings.

We then headed west finally ending in one of our favorite little historical towns. . .

Bonnotts Mill, Mo.. . .

where we always stay at. . .

The Dauphine Hotel Bed and Breakfast.

We first stayed here eight years ago and have come back several times to enjoy this very old world atmosphere.
Built in 1840, used as a hotel till about 1930.
Used as a home for a while before being turned back into a Bed and Breakfast.

In the past serving travelling salesmen and railroad workers, it still has all the old charm in a great setting.

. . . we really love the long front porches that make for a great place to drink the wine you got in Hermann and watch the trains go by, or. . .

. . . just sit and relax and watch the birds in the garden.

 Inside is very period and very relaxing.
You will not find a game room or TV in the B&B. (Although she does now have wireless Internet service if you need to scout out your next winery.)

We have spent several evenings with new and old friends in this room. . .
. . . talking about our day kayaking to the B&B.

Or just drinking the wine.

 Each room is either off of the landing at the back of the hotel or can be accessed from either the front porch or other outside entrance.

This is the back landing near the dining room.
 Formal dining room near the front of the house.
Lobby or what was once called the trunk room where travelling salesmen set up the displays and people came to see what they had to sell.
 Upstairs hallway.
Our room for this trip. We have only ever used this room and one other, with the big whirl pool tub.
This one walks right out to the front porch.

After we settled in. . .

. . . we took a walk around town.
The town once boasted stores and banks and taverns and such, but now is mostly empty, but is well maintained for the most part.
Several buildings are advertising renters and we have seen a few come and go over the years.

This is the main drag, with the old bank building on the left.
The old brick building on the right would have been a mercantile of some sort.
The building in the center in the background. .

 is the old grain and shipping yard near the railroad tracks.
Completely sided in tin it sometimes can really glow at sunset.

 There are a couple of old churches . . .
. . . and several old houses about town or just on the outskirts.

Other than breakfast at the B&B there is only one other place to eat in town and that is at. . .

 . . . . Johnny Mac's

Known for it's ribs and catfish, it is a great place to have dinner and hang out before heading back to the B&B.
Most of the traffic at Johnny's is from regulars travelling into town in old cars or on motorcycles.

After a great night sleep (complimentary ear plugs provided for the passing trains), we joined the rest of the guests for a full country breakfast.

The other couples were from the K.C and Independence areas.

I can't wait to go back.

Wife allowed me to stop at a couple other old places on the drive home, but we did make it home in time to . . .

 . .  make an official beginning of summer pool party!
 Shark riding competition.
Fun with friends.

Monday afternoon found us finding a little time. . .

 . . . to plant some potatoes and spinach and lettuce in Grandma's garden. . .
. . . before rain chased us away.

Here daughter comes to the rescue with an umbrella.

And, least we forget. . .

. .  we even made time to say thanks to those who served who are no longer with us.

Thanks dad.

 His wasn't the only Union Jack (RAF 1941-1945) in the field, but there weren't many.

Another great beginning of summer weekend!

OH NO! No Memorial Day Pictures. . .?

Relax, we got plenty and will catch up soon.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mother's Day treats.

Mother's Day is about getting family together to celebrate all the mom's we love.

With us, that usually revolves around a meal and some treats.

Which also means working together making those special treats.

Here quality testing the strawberries.

 Posing with the finished product.
Hoping for the finished product.

Did you like them Grandma?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Speaking of Michael. . .

. . . he just sent me some of his latest for us to enjoy. . .

So. . .  enjoy.

Zoom in on them to really enjoy them.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Steamboat times and Michael Haynes

Found one of our friends, Michael Haynes, paintings on Steamboat Times.

Steamboat Times

The one of Hannibal Mo. is also excellent.