Tuesday, June 26, 2012

QS 347


Will try to get a better photo, but this is three barns located near St. Paul Mo.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How many did I do?

Way back in May of 2009 I started my 'tree a day' project with plans of trying to draw a tree a day in pen and ink to improve my tree drawing skills. (The one on this page is from Feb. 2010)
The project was going great till Thanksgiving of the same year when my dad had his stroke.
Needless to say the project changed a bit. I did however try to do a sketch, or what became known as QS's when ever I could.
So today to see what I ended up with, I decided to count them. I was a quick count so the count could be off a couple either way. So, drum roll please. . . . The count came in at 346 sketches or paintings. Not to bad. Not the 365 I'd have liked to make, but close.
I learned a lot, and want to keep them up, no matter how erratically they come.
Just though you may like to know.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Not satisfied with lazy weekends after our vacation. . .

That's right, get back on Tuesday and go camping on Sat. morning.

Wife with a bug book out checking on new bugs.
Great weekend. Warm days, cool nights.
Camp craft practice. "Um, let's see, will this hold me while I swing off of the picnic table?"
Geared out for the expedition. Expedition bag on shoulder.

Wife teaching daughter about what the butterfly's like.
Camp craft practice. 'How to walk across a log above a raging creek.'
The reason we saw hundreds of butterfly's.

Lots of great wild flowers in bloom.

This one was really cool.
Eggs found on a leaf.
Guide and guidette.
More bugs to look up.

And of course, nothing better than a hot-dog you cooked yourself and added all the fixings.
Oh, did I mention we had to wear our much to small Pooh outfit to the store to buy our camping meals?

High water pooh.

'Think, think, think. . .'
This past Friday night we went and watched one of our local Celtic bands, Keltic Reign play in the park.

Saturday I got daughter to help in Grandma's garden.

Here she is watering the tomatoes.
And here she is eating the peas as grandma picks them.
'Garden Candy'.

Well at least she helped water.
Sunday I got up early to finish inking a sketch I did for our kayak directory.

While I was working on it, daughter came down.
Usually Sunday mornings she wants to watch a little TV before church.
But this morning she walked in and asked; "Can I have some paper and your 'How to draw' Brave book."

I went all misty. Maybe she will be a cartoonist some day!

She worked really hard on trying to follow the steps for a couple of the characters, especially Merida.
Hard at it.
Saturday had been family pool time.

Oh yea, the recital costume came in this week also.

Friday, June 8, 2012

the Alan Burnett experiment.. . . .

Well, I thought I would beat Alan to it, but,  he learned how to post to his blog from an IPAD several weeks before I did.

So here is my attempt.

So I guess I did it. Not as easy as from the computer, but doable if you are out and about.
Some nice apps out there to help you along.

Photos are from the IPAD also.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What a show you guys put on!

Wish I could have been there.


10,000 fireworks were set off 
3,000 separate electronic circuits synchronised the display
1 computer launched the entire display 
1,000 big mortar shells created the biggest fireworks 
2,000kg of black gunpowder filled the big mortar shells 
7,000kg was the total weight of the mortar shells 
£80,000 is the estimated cost of the fireworks 
800ft is the highest point reached by a firework
600 technicians put the entire concert on 
1 megawatt of electricity was used - enough to power a small village for an evening 
400 was the approximate number of hula hoop rotations Grace Jones, 64, achieved during her 4-minute song 
16.9million watched the finale on TV in the UK 
82 - the age of Rolf Harris, the oldest performer 
20,000 people were in the arena 
500,000 people filled The Mall