Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I love small town fairs - NEMO Old Thrashers weekend.

 Well Saturday we got up to farm town and attended once again the Old Thrashers event.

Chance to watch and see how the old equipment was used.

This truck seperated the corn from the cob. I am sure there is a name for that process but I didn't catch it.
 Ah Shucks!
 Another view of the truck.
It doesn't look like it could still run but it does.

 Another old steam tractor.
 This machine seperated the cobs from the stalk.

And still worked.

This machine attached to a very large steam tractor thrashed oats.

And unlike festivals in larger towns where it is okay to sell Vietnamese Kabob's (among other non-related things) at Scottish themed Festivals, evey thing seemed to have a purpose with what was being celebrated; old farm life.

 Making new friends.
 Very young.
 "This town ain't big enough for the three of us philgrim."
 How to make apple cider
 Lots of old tools.
 And some ideas I had never seen before (which is not unusual.)
 My favorite parts are the kids rides that are home-made and tractor driven.
 All tractor powered.

 And made with stuff from around the town.

Pulled by tractor, made out of barrels and on the go all day.

It is also fun to see the same people year after year doing these rides again.

 And of course there are lots of other things going on.

 Rope making.
What a great day!

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