Monday, April 20, 2015

Outdoor kind of weather. . . .

 Thursday after piano mushroom hunt with Girl Scout friend.
 "Say mushroom!"

We didn't find any . . . yet.
 Sat. found me heading down to the St. Francis river for the MWA beginners clinic.

Perfect weather for a clinic.
 Boaters starting to come down river.
 Wild flowers along the river.
 All kinds of strange crafts out today.
 Father and son having fun.

 'Cats paw' rapid.
 Not everyone stayed up right all the time. But they all had fun.
 Michelle in 'Double Drop' rapid.
 The paddle stayed up right, but not the boater.
 Group feast at the end of the day.
 Sunday out to the cabin where the dogwoods made it look like it was snowing.
 Workin' at cleanin' out the little cabin I brought out the old Tee Pee
to see what kind of shape it was in.
Not bad after all these years.

 All kinds of other wild flowers out also.
But still no mushrooms.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Okay, this is kinda weird. . .or my near brush with fame.

I was searching the internet for myself. (Maybe that's the weird part?)
Well anyway. I was searching the internet for myself and wanted to see how I was turning up.
Then I searched images.
I came up with this picture;

That's me walking my two dogs, Sherlock and Watson,
on the riverfront in the mid to late 80's. (See, I was kinda skinny at one time.)
I remember the day well.
This Randall Hyman came up and asked if he could take pictures of this large dog and small dog, black dog and white dog. I didn't mind. (Wish now I had worn other shorts. But it was the 80's.) He was doing a feature for National Geographic. I think he was doing a feature on Missouri River towns.
Go his site and see some other stuff of his.

More hair also.

I could do this if the plane just flew straight and level . . . .

Prince Harry displays Battle of Britain spirit for veterans

Monday, April 13, 2015

I had the same thoughts!


While reading a bit about the Beauty and the Beast live movie being worked on, I read this; "whose brattiness as a child was such that the Enchantress felt compelled to curse not just him but his entire household staff. (Which probably says more about the Enchantress than the Beast, come to think of it.)

I guess this would fall under, "What I'm reading now."

I love this line:

‘There’s more wisdom buried under these slabs than you’ll find in any book, lad.’ He sighed and added, ‘It’s been the same old story – since the dawn of time.’ With that, he looked at me, tapped his pipe once more, patted the headstone, and grinned at me. ‘Don’t worry, lad. My old granddad enjoyed the smell of a good tobacco.’

From; "A Likely Tale Lad" by Mike Pannett

Mostly Yorkshire rural police tales, I have read all his books and enjoyed each, and his writing is getting better with each one.

What would we do if our weekends weren't so busy? Softball, soccer, camping and the Fox all in one weekend. Actually, two softball games.

 Well, we missed softball practice on Friday, dad's fault, so daughter and I headed down to the cabin to spend the night.
Dusk was still bright enough to jump on the trampoline for a little while.
 Kung fu moves?
Why sleep in a perfectly good cabin when the trampoline works just as well.

Got down to about 42 degrees, but the stars were crazy!
Bright moon woke us up.
Next morning.
 43 degrees and all covered up.

Best way to get warmed up is to jump on your bed. . . er. . .  trampoline in the morning.

 Sat. afternoon down to the Fox to watch 'Stomp!'.

A very fun show.
We had two softball games this weekend.
One Sat. evening.
And another after soccer on Sunday.
These photos are from the Sunday game.

Third base. "Hi Dad!"
 A chance to play catcher.
 "How am I suppose to see to catch the ball in this?"
A natural.
Getting ready to score her first ever run!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Now that's what a pilot should look like!

Last of the Few: One of the final surviving Battle of Britain pilots dies aged 98 – leaving incredible archive of aerial photographs

His story here.

And some more of his story here.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter week 2015

 Easter week was a busy week.

First we started with our schools Tech Fest!

The kids worked in teams and showed us parents all the modern tech. that they were learning to us.
 This way mom and dad!
 Next was Friday Easter Egg dyeing.
 Pretty colors.
 Saturday found us heading to first of the month building project at Home Depot.
And you just have to pose with a pretty truck.
 Finished project.
Teaching grandma how to use the IPAD while waiting for breakfast.
 Another pretty truck on the way out to the cabin.
 Getting dirt ready to do some planting.
 Elbow deep in dirt.
 Look how dirty I got mom!
 Grandma helping out.
 A little of this, a little of that.
 Finished project with plants.
 Time for a selfie.
 Time to do some sketching.
 Grandma enjoying the sun.
 How do I get back across!
Learning to tend the fire.

 Stylin' high time.
 and again.

 Wild flowers are starting to come up.

 Good form.
 Tending the smoke.
Waiting for the tube steaks.
 You can eat on the trampoline also.
 Photo bombing grandma.

 Easter morn.
 What can I say?

 Fun with cousins.
 Go-cart driving with ears . . .
 . . . without.
Even a little time left for a zip-line run.