Saturday, May 16, 2020

We just don't sit still that long.

Sepia Saturday clue for this week.

 We don't have a whole lot of table sitting pictures in my family. At least from our early days. I hope it is not because we weren't that pleasant to watch once we started eating.

This one and the next are at a local state park. I think I am asleep in the car.

 One shortly after we got to America. I think I still have the table.
Mom and her sister sitting at a table at a local beach.

We have one of dad (left) standing at a table after getting his helicopter engine certificate.

 Car sitting seemed more popular with us.
Usually at the airport watching planes go by.

Or at rest stops making sure everyone got back to the car.

 We did sit on the stairs a lot. . . .
and on the ground, usually at cricket matches.

 By the look at my age in this one, this my have been our first fried chicken dinner in the New World.
Here with cousins.

We have since made up for by having a family/non-family gathering every Thanksgiving out at the cabin.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

All gathered. . . .

Sepia Saturday for this week.

 My family doesn't gather a great deal. When we do, it is usually a special occasion, reunion or group photos for some youth activity like scouts or baseball.
 Family get together dads family.
Mom and dads wedding 1946.
 Cousins wedding London
Aunts wedding London
 Cadets St John's Amb. Brigade, Selby UK

 Dad in the RAF WW2

Dad front row right with hat, on some school trip.
 Beach photo with mostly unknown, although I do see my mom.
Aunts wedding Selby.
 Cousins wedding.

Sisters and an unknown lad.
Dad, right in the middle with unknown friends.
Mom, dad, uncle and brother, Selby.
 Two sisters on the right, other two unknown.
 Mom in the middle
 One mom, one aunt, two cousins.

 Fellow St. John's workers wedding.
 Cousins football team.

1970 Yorkshire family reunion.

Scout Troop 763 around 1969.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sepia Sat for this month

 Sepia Saturday for this week.

Well, there really is only one obvious choice for this and that would be trees. Right?

Just kidding.

I guess bikes. I am sure those more creative will come up with something else.

 But once again this is going to be a tale about, "oh poor me, my brother is once again in more old photos than me."

You would that some where over time my folks would have learned to use newer cameras and take more photos of me also.
But dad had a habit of waving the camera at us doing things rather than actually using it.

I made it into this one, and they actually got more of me than my brother!
 My brother holding maybe me.
Bet that's not my bike in the back.
 Oh, look, My brother and maybe the front of my bike. Maybe.
I think this one is me!
Mom holding me near a bike.
My brother in England on his bike.

Oh well.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Sepia Sat. post for this week.

Sepia sat.

Once again, what do we take as our prompt for this week.

I chose to pick the theme 'One guy we know,  posing with a bunch of other people we don't'.

 Oh, sure! I could have picked, say, 'People sitting on a rocky beach'. Like my aunt here.
 Or, like I said, 'One guy we know, and a bunch of people we don't'.

But it turns out we know a bunch of these.
Or maybe just a group of people at a happy event. London family wedding.
Or 'One guy we know, and a bunch of guys we don't.'

But our prompt had women in it.
Dad is second adult from the right.
 This one has a woman.
Dads basic training group.

Dad, top row, second from the left.
 No women in this one either.
We think its dad lower right with the hat on.
But this is the one I really wanted.
Dad, right in the middle, with a bunch of people we don't know, and probably never will.

I have tried to trace this location by asking England family, but no luck so far.

We recognize no one else on either side of the family.

But the hunt continues.