Monday, April 29, 2013

Ketchup time.

 Earlier in the week we got to watch a small snail doing it's thing.

It was a very active snail, having to be put back on the towel several times before we could get it measured and photographed.

 Sunday found us playing our first fairly dreary weather soccer game.
 Although wet and muddy, or maybe because it was wet and muddy, the girls had a great time.
Daughter, in white hat, in action.

 After our game we went to watch cousin play.
 Umbrella and hot cocoa make for fine viewing.
Our attempts at being soccer hooligans.

We need practice.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fun couple of days on the river.

 Loaded and ready to head up river.
 Johnnie Bling starting his move in Big Drop
 Nailed it!
 Exit from Cats Paw.
 See, I do get in my boat every once in a while.
 Second day, made the same move.
 Even the young ones were out in force on such a nice weekend.
 'Z' route in Cats Paw.
 hangin' out with friends at the end of the day.
 European kayak attire.
Some rides are cooler than others.

Ketchup time - Easter and Tartan Days

Between Easter eggs and Highland dress, April is a very colorful month.
 Happy after a visit from the main bunny.
 Decked out for church.
 While waiting for Tartan Days to begin, we thought we would get a photo with our good friend Daniel Boone.
(Daniel forgot to keep holding her hand as she did a spin)
 Waiting for the parade to begin.
 Start of the parade.
 The first pipes arrive.
 John Ford Highland band.
 Sheltie rescues on parade.
 Each clan carried their own banner.
 Scottie rescues on parade.
 Caledonia pipe band.
 Trying on Highland hats.
 I think I saw this hansom guy in that 'Brave' movie.
 Bow and arrow maker.
 Replica viking long boat.
I don't know what shaved ice has to do with Scotland, but she loved it.

Monday, April 8, 2013

If you haven't said 'Thanks' or asked all the question you want to . . . .

. . ..  don't leave it to late.

(World War II vets.) Based on the most recent statistics, they are dying nationally at the rate of about 900 per day.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Tartan Days this weekend

We will be down on and off most of Sat. ( We have to leave for a soccer game for a little while in the afternoon.)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Nepal 1987 - Blast from the past.

Going through some photos the other night, I came across these. 
A number of years ago I had the legs, the money and the opportunity to take a once in a life time trip to Nepal. Ten days of trekking in some remote villages out side of Pokhara, Nepal.
Lots of great memories.
As soon as you get off of your plane you just start going back in time.
The airport was like an airport out of the fifties.You still had power outages in the Katmandu's Hilton.
You couldn't drink the water straight out of the tap.

And the further you got from town the more modern stuff disappeared.

This is Katmandu.

It was in one of the first villages we hiked into after leaving Pokhara that I got what would be one of my favorite photos from the trip.

This village had no electricity, no indoor plumbing and I found this little guy following our group.
His whole outfit probably came from some relief organization; his hoody, his rubber boots.

But I will never forget his tee-shirt.

"Party till you Puke"