Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Royal Paintbox - a very interesting look at art and British Royalty

His Royal Highness Prince Charles stands for lots of things I find interesting and believe in.
The preservation of the rural landscape and historical buildings.
Maintaining a sustainable agriculture program.
And art.
He is a very accomplished painter himself, and in this video he helps explore art through the Royal Family.
A lot of talent hidden in there.
It also looks at how art was once very important in education and how it was very important before the age of film.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

I just love his plein air stuff!

James Gurney, illustrator, artist, Dinotopia creator.
His Dinotopia books are an incredible display of his studio talent.
But I just love these two pieces of work he did outside.

Although I love each, I really love how the Red Cabin feels like it is a cloudy damp day. The brown on the wood deck makes it look like a rain shower is just passed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Outdoor, olde tyme kind of weekends.

 A couple of weeks ago we got to Eckert's to pick apples.
 A warm late summer day made for good pickin'.

Here, mom and daughter.
 Here daughter and friend.
 On the ride back.
 Later in the day, over to grandma's house to pick tomatoes.

 Fruitful harvest.
 Then out to sell them.
So far, she has made over $200.00 at her little stand.
 Then the next weekend, up to the farm.
Here daughter is trying to get her great-grandad to show her a picture of his first tractor.
 Found one real close.

 Then he said, "Go into the kitchen and get that toy one. It was just like that."

Then outside with uncle to see the real deal.
 "What! You're going to let her drive that Gazillion dollar piece of equipment?"
 She's driving that Gazillion dollar piece of equipment.
 Later a ride on something smaller.
 This past Saturday we headed back up to the farm country for the Shelby County Old Thrashers festival.

Some rebuilt old trucks.
 And cars.
 Tractors her size.
 And hundreds of others. In all sizes and colors and makes.
 I had never heard of this brand.

 Don't know what this kind was used for, but there were two.

 Some not rebuilt trucks that still ran.
 Lots of little stuff that did things to other stuff.
 All the kids rides were run off of tractor power.
The old steam engine was running.
 Playing piano in the old village school.
 This would have been where her grade level would have sat.

The school was used into the early 70's.
 Real horse power at work.
 The old school and the old African-American church.
 Making new friends.
 Country kind of rides.
 That same evening we also went to a Hangar Dance at our local branch of the Commemorative Air Force to raise money to keep the old planes flying.
 A couple of trainers flew up from Florida.
 Daughter exploring her favorite.
 National Anthem before the dance started.
 Most of the money goes to keeping this old war bird flying.
WWII era bomber.
Daughter got this one as we were leaving.