Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Day

We got out to the cabin for a little while.
To cold to stay long for the time we had.

But we did get to make a snow man.

And Sunday we did get to go Sledding and snow angel making.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life list 12/22/10

 No excuse, it has been a while.
But at least I come back with beer.
Two more for my beer life list.
The first is Olde Suffolk English Ale.
I really enjoyed this one, very smooth and clean.
And very refreshing. I would be happy if my local carried it,
but would not necessarily drive a long way just to find it.
It would be a good sitting around the evening fire with a book beer.

The Second one is an IPA, Scottish Joker IPA.
I usually like an IPA and this one proved to be no exception.
Again, very smooth, but with more of a hoppy taste.
I would gladly except a keg of this one, but again, would not drive a long way just to track it down, unless the pub I was in wasn't carrying any thing very good.

The good thing about both is they come as real pints.