Friday, October 21, 2016

Sketches by Robert Bateman

When you think of wildlife artists at the top of most lists would be Canadian Artist Robert Bateman.
I have had the chance to view many of his works over the years in seveal locations.

Last year the St Louis Zoo featured some of his work.
This painting was one of the them.

But just like good animation art and comics, I like the behind the scenes work that goes into most art.
Following are some sketches by Robert Bateman.

 His home?
 Even when being whimsical, he is a great artist.
 Sketches later used in a larger finished painting.
Field notes.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Mapping times and places. . . .

My daughter has taken it upon herself to complete my dads map of state coins.
With her own quarters she added three yesterday that my dad had not found before he passed away.

She then made a list of all the ones she still needed to finish the map.

While doing the coins she spotted the one for Tennessee and said, "This one has a cabin on it, and Daddy it looks like your cabin."