Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Vindicated - The elephant is no longer in the closet.

A while back I posted this image and a comment that I wanted my daughter to ride an elephant at the visiting circus because at one time I had ridden an elephant (although not at the circus).
Shared memories, that sort of thing.

I also posted the story on facebook.

And had a response from another facebook user that they remembered the elephant ride and had pictures of themselves on the elephant, but, alas, none of me. Why would they?

At least I was correct in that an elephant had been in my hometown.

Not to long ago I posted that I had started to have some of our old family films turned digital so we could view them and save what we could.

It was hard to let them out of my control, but they would have only wasted away if we didn't do something.

Well I have had two shipments done so far, about fifteen films.
Most have turned out pretty good. A few had almost reached the point of no hope. But we did get some images.

Well, in the latest shipment, which we got back a few days ago was. . . .

. . . .a video of my brother and I riding on the elephant.

This image is just an IPhone photo of a paused image from the video.

But, in the film, you can really tell it is my brother and I. And you can also tell it is the same elephant and trailer as in the first photo.

Having proof of this is almost as good as when I found the photo of me on the RMS Queen Elizabeth on our voyage over.


  1. Lovely! So your memory isn't quite as bad as you thought it was.

  2. Lovely! So your memory isn't quite as bad as you thought it was.