Friday, May 29, 2009

First commissioned caricature . .

commission price. . . free to a friend.

Babsi needed this for her Thesis defense. I told her to use karate, but she thought this would be better.

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  1. Hi John
    Thanks for the comment. Thought I'd reply this way, rather than on my blog.
    So,a narrow boat holiday in the UK. A bit of a change from a kayak!
    First off, what time of year? some areas are better than others at different times. Also, looking at your blog, you're not afraid of a little exercise. So one of the areas that is quite heavily locked, like south Cheshire, could be suitable. Alternatively, The Ashby Canal has no locks at all, if that's what you prefer. If you prefer a river to a canal, the Thames in late spring (like now), is awesome. But pretty busy. The locks are all manned though. The midlands is pleasant, not too heavily locked, and there are some widebeam (10 footish)"narrowboats" to be hired, suitable for the broader locks in the area.
    There is plenty of opportunity to do just what you want. I'm sure you've started researching already. My personal choice? The Grand Union south of Leicester. Beautiful countryside, some locked sections including the iconic Foxton flight, and a long summit pound. Not too busy, and some good pubs!
    Hope this is of some help.
    If you need any more info contact me by email.
    When you decide, drop me a line, and we'll meet up if we're in the same area.
    Regards, Geoff.