Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sepia Saturday 349 - post for this week. Things over the shoulder.

 This is the image that suggests our posting for this Saturday. And while it is left up to us to chose what we take from the photo, it can, well, be rather obscure at times.
If was first trying to find a photo of my dad with his camera bag over his shoulder. We always made fun of my dad because he would forget to take pictures because he would be waving his camera as he cheered us on in what ever we were doing that he was suppose to be filming.
He most not have done to bad however because we did end up with quite a bit of film.

I however could not find that photo.

So I chose to go with the theme 'Off the Shoulder'
The gentleman above has on an apron to protect him from the chemicals he uses in his photography.

In my photo, all the young lads have a service bag hanging from their shoulders.
My dad (foreground in black standing at attention. Very start from his RAF days) worked for St John's Ambulance Brigade for a number of years after the war in Selby, Yorkshire.
He loved the job. And while with the Brigade he worded with their youth program (a job he also loved). Sort of similar to the Scouts over here in the U.S.
I would imagine the boys carried first aid supplies in their shoulder bags. This era, from the war on, seemed to be a time when many people carried some sort of shoulder bag; for helmets, gas masks, etc. And they look so smart when they all match.

I have yet to find a shoulder bag that works for me, other than the one I used for 37 years as a mailman.

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  1. The boys seem a very serious group. I used to tease my son that if you carried a clipboard and pen you could get into any secured area. The shoulder bag probably had the same power back in those days.

    1. Just like when I was in Boy Scouts, I think they were having an inspection.

  2. Those lads are standing up so smartly and obviously feeling very proud of their uniforms.

  3. A shoulder bag for a camera is the only way to go. Otherwise - what do you do with the camera case while you're taking the picture if you can't sling it over your shoulder? There isn't always a place to just set it down!

  4. Glad you came up with something, even if it's not "looking" over the shoulder. Great shot of a group of very studious young well as their leader!

  5. Your father looks splendid in his uniform. I would loved to
    have seen them march.

  6. I think you must take the prize for the most original entry this week. A lovely memory of your father and they all look so smart.

    1. Thank you, I will have to had more photos of this 'parade' the boys were on.