Saturday, January 9, 2016

For Sepia Saturday 312

Dad's old Cricket team St Louis very early 1960's. Dad is front row, second from the left.
The short man, back row, forth from the left name was George. He did not drive as I remember so he and his wife would travel to many cricket games with us.

Sepia Saturday 312 


  1. This is the happiest team I have seen today!

  2. I had the same impression as Kristin. They look very happy.

  3. St. Louis is known for many things but I don't think cricket is one of them. Who or what is Kutis?

    1. They have been around a very long time, since 1958 and are still a team to this day. That date means my dad was involved very early on with the team.
      They are now The St Louis Cricket Club. The history can be found here.

  4. A happy lookin' bunch of guys. As Titania says, they must have won the game - or felt very confident going into it?

  5. Whenever I see all those cricket whites I can' helpthinking of the laundry! Nice to see a smiling team for a change.