Monday, May 23, 2011

Big bugs and Black Douglas

Was forced to go out to the cabin Sunday (ya, right!).
Got a lot done.
While doing some kayak cover-up (nothing illegal) I came across
this beauty either shedding a layer or devouring a brother. . . .

Now I rank spiders right up there with snakes, and that would be; I understand our
need for them, but would not be upset if I never had to deal with them.
I did move him along with out hurting him, but hope he finds a new home.
Oh, yea, if you borrow a kayak from me, check for spiders. . . .

After covering up the boats, I was able to get some mowing done.
The $10.00 mower, once again after about 8 years of use, started up the first time.
Can't beat that.

And like I usually do out at the cabin, when work is done I award myself with
a nice beer.

Well, if you remember my post from Jan 9th of this year, you will remember Old Jock.
Well, today I invited his brother Black Douglas out with me and he carried on family tradition well.
Much darker than Old Jock it calls itself a dark ruby ale with a soft full crystal malt flavor.
And it is suppose to be named after a good friend of Robert the Bruce.
Well I hope Robert kept his friends close, like you will want to do with this beer.
It had a good dark coffee color and was very smooth.
Again, one I will look for once more and would not mind if my local carried it.
It was a perfect beer for a day that started out hot but by beer time had turned nice and 'Highland' with
rain and hail.
I was glad of his company sitting out the hail storm.

Read a little more about Black Douglas. clic on his name.

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