Friday, January 31, 2014

How little was required to entertain us in those days - Sepia Sat. post for Feb. 1st.

Sepia Sat. theme this week holidays. Holidays can mean anything from a weekend get-away to a full blown trip to the far corners of the world.

For most middle class people in the 50's and 60's a holiday usually meant a short respite from your weekly schedule.

When my mom and dad were growing up a 'holiday' usually meant a trip for the day to the seaside.
Mom's would have been some trip to a Yorkshire close seaside, while dad's would have been one easy to get to from London.

This first picture is a picture of my dad's mom and a sister at a seaside close to London (maybe someone across the pond will recognize the pier.)

Dad's mom would probably have been near or in her 80's at this period in time.
And in all other pictures I have of this day, she is dressed the same.

This second is a picture with grandma and sister's husband.

Must have been a chilly day.

This third picture is of the same sister and her husband.

Probably a few years later.

This next set is of my mom's side of the family at a more northern beach.
Far right picture is mom and dad on the beach.

Mom is also in the black jumper in the far left picture, and we believe she is the one in the swim cap in the middle photo. (She looked a lot like one of her sisters.)

This next one would be the late 20's early 30's of mom and sisters. The young man is unknown. (Again, someone across the pond may recognize the buildings in the background.)

Once we came to the states 'holiday's' meant one week a year to the Lake of the Ozark's and weekend day trips with cousins and such. Well, at least for the first ten years or so.

This photo is of my mom and her sister with a handful of us kids. ( I am told I was asleep in the car. )

It is taken at Meramec Caverns in Missouri.

What is funny is mom (left) is posing with beer. She doesn't drink beer.

This second picture is mom and same sister posing at one of our local swimming holes. It was either Holiday Beach or Suntan Beach. The water would have been from the Missouri River.
A local farmer got industrious and dug out a channel and brought in sand and made a local swim area.
It was there for years.

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  1. They told you that you were sleeping in the car? A likely story...

  2. Hmm? Your Mom posing with beer, and your absence explained away by saying you were asleep in the car? It does sound a bit fishy . . .

  3. My family vacations as a child were mainly a week spent at the same Midwest lake resort with my mother's sister's family and her sister's husband's sister's family.

  4. I can't imagine what your grandma would have thought of that last photo. Her beachwear was certainly different from theirs!
    Ladies of the Grove

  5. I only have a very vague recollection of a day at the seaside when I child - well t was wartime. Fortunately we now can go when we want to walk on beaches in NE England, Sorry John but I can't identify the buildings/locations in your photos. The deckchairs didn't give me a clue either.

    1. Mom talks most of Filey, dad I don't know. . .

  6. I can't get over those rocky beaches in the first photos. ouch! No wonder everyone is fully clothed and shoed.

  7. That may be clue to the location. Thanks.

  8. I was going to comment, but there's that "word verification" thing you have...sorry.

  9. Had to look twice at the snapshot by the picnic table. at first I thought you had a photo of our family! ha. Those were the days...

  10. The beer was probably the nearest thing when the photographer yelled to them "come on, look like your having fun, do something" like my dad and grandpa used to do when taking photos of us at picnics. We could always rely on my middle brother to do something completely strange for the photo!

  11. I like to think that I can tell the difference between the northern beach scenes and the southern ones. That last British photo could be any of the Yorkshire coast resorts, but Bridlington came immediately to mind.

    1. Bridlington would be high up on the possible choices. They did go there.

  12. Reminiscent of so many from my own album. Good job the deckchairs were made of strong material!

    You seem puzzled by Barb's comment John. I think it's her way of making a point :) However, you may not be aware that you do indeed have WV switched on. Have you thought of removing it? The majority on here don't use it with no ill effects as long as you don't allow anonymous comments - hope this helps.

    1. They still do have the deck chair stands.
      And I will check the WV. Thanks.

  13. HA -- it's always fun to pose with beer when you don't drink it. For those of us looking at the picture, it gives a little insight into her personality.