Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving and the Sunday after. . . .

 Thanksgiving found us heading up to the country
to join wife's dad's side of the family for turkey
and all the trimmings.
Held again at the small park/country club, the day was delightful.
We had stayed over the night before to have an early start on setting up. (Wife's families turn to host the event)
 As best described by a friend; once the family starts to show up; ". . the population number on the town sign starts to tick up."
There ended up to be about 40 hungry souls for dinner.
 Daughter loved just about everything, favorites of course being olives and cheese.
 The day was wonderful weather and all other ways wise, so the kids got to go play on the playground. . .
 . . . and throw the football. . ..
 . . . and jump in the leaves. . .
 Daughter even got time to go check on great-grandparents kittens.
 Sunday following Thanksgiving found us running some things out to the cabin, which allowed plenty of time to  . . . . .
 . . .swing.
Grandma powered of course.
The day was cold and blustery, but we still had fun.

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  1. We might have the pubs, but you certainly have some fine wide open spaces.