Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How many did I do?

Way back in May of 2009 I started my 'tree a day' project with plans of trying to draw a tree a day in pen and ink to improve my tree drawing skills. (The one on this page is from Feb. 2010)
The project was going great till Thanksgiving of the same year when my dad had his stroke.
Needless to say the project changed a bit. I did however try to do a sketch, or what became known as QS's when ever I could.
So today to see what I ended up with, I decided to count them. I was a quick count so the count could be off a couple either way. So, drum roll please. . . . The count came in at 346 sketches or paintings. Not to bad. Not the 365 I'd have liked to make, but close.
I learned a lot, and want to keep them up, no matter how erratically they come.
Just though you may like to know.

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