Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What a show you guys put on!

Wish I could have been there.


10,000 fireworks were set off 
3,000 separate electronic circuits synchronised the display
1 computer launched the entire display 
1,000 big mortar shells created the biggest fireworks 
2,000kg of black gunpowder filled the big mortar shells 
7,000kg was the total weight of the mortar shells 
£80,000 is the estimated cost of the fireworks 
800ft is the highest point reached by a firework
600 technicians put the entire concert on 
1 megawatt of electricity was used - enough to power a small village for an evening 
400 was the approximate number of hula hoop rotations Grace Jones, 64, achieved during her 4-minute song 
16.9million watched the finale on TV in the UK 
82 - the age of Rolf Harris, the oldest performer 
20,000 people were in the arena 
500,000 people filled The Mall

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