Monday, August 20, 2012

Busy couple of weekends. . . . .

 Sat. morning the 11th found my kayak class being cancelled, so we headed for the St Louis Zoo to see the new seal pond.

All new landscaping. . .
 . . . a new tunnel to see the seals under water.

 There's one!

 And of course the old carousel for a ride.
 Sunday the same weekend found us having a pool party for daughters friends from school.
Although a chilly day, the kids stayed in the water for a couple of hours . . . . .
 . . . . . and made sure all the pool toys were out.
 This past weekend, with the nice cool nights, found us heading for the woods and camping.
I think the first night got down into the 50's.

 A great symbol of camping about 30 years ago (with many still in use today), the good old Coleman stove.

The Coleman Company

I just love their lanterns and stoves and always drive my long suffering wife crazy when I pick up another old one.
(Don't tell her I'm working on a museum for Coleman)
 Elmo and company till mom wakes up.
 Daughter actually volunteered to do the dishes.

I think it was the chance to play in water that brought it on.

She even staged her own cooking show for about a half an hour.

We camped again at Cuivre State Park.

Cuivre River State Park
One of the buildings built by the CCC.


Wife getting dinner ready.
On the way home Sunday we stopped at St Charles County's newest park, Towne Park.

Built on an old farmstead, it is now an interactive learning park to encourage kids to be outside.
It has a fishing pond and trails. . .
. . . and the interactive area, with a log cabin sand pit.

Also on the property is the old farm house, 'The Pink Plantation.'

Here is the history of the farm and why it is called the Pink Plantation.

Clic on the image to enlarge.

A great couple of weekends mostly outside.


  1. A lovely example of telling a story in pictures - but it does so much more, you really get a feel of place and time.

  2. It is neat, and it is nice to see some communities taking the time to preserve the past.