Monday, November 26, 2012

Catch up time - Disney World!

 Fall break and a chance to go back to the House of Mouse.
We were on our own this time. No expert guidance from our friends who helped us navigate our first trip back in April.

We choose a non-Disney property hotel for our stay, but after the first night we moved on property. Nothing was wrong with the hotel, but they had mis-represented their shuttle service for access to the parks. We were expecting several shuttles a day, but found they only offered two going to the parks, and only one returning, with that one only returning at 10 p.m.
Needless to say, with that one ride taking almost two hours with all the stops, and not wanting late nights every night, we moved on property to a Disney resort.
Room was not as big, but we had plenty of shuttles, places to eat, and lots of other stuff to do.
 We arrived early enough on Sat. to spend some time in the park in the afternoon.
We hooked up with some old friends, (that is not a fishing joke for Ariel, by the way). 

Here with Tigger.
 Made a new friend at Sleeping Beauties Carousel.

(Here with one of the evil step-sisters)

 Spent a good 20 mins or so dancing Bollywood.
 Paired up with a dynamic duo.

 Of course the place was all decked out for Christmas.
 Even Mickey
 and Minnie.

 The park did a terrific Christmas program late our third or fourth night.

While putting on a fun musical the castle kept changing color.

 We were lucky enough, our last morning in the park, to catch a new area open for dress rehearsals. (Which means the cast got to see how things were working and where things needed tweaking.)
 We found a new Little Mermaid ride open, and the lines were so short we got to ride three times, one right after the other.

Happy after three rides.
Gaston's new tavern was open, here with Gaston showing a young man how to hold the mug so his, Gaston's, mug is showing.

We did make it to Epcot this year.
Not a lot to do for the little one, and a bit crowded with a food and wine festival going on.

But we will return and experience it again.
We did however get to eat at the English Pub.

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