Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Solo expedition. . .

 A couple of weekends ago, while wife and daughter helped around Great Grandma's farm house for a few days, I had some time to myself.
One of these days I set out to explore an old farmstead that I have been spotting for a couple of years on our drives back and forth.
It sits off the highway, pretty far back, across a creek bottom field.

The day I went by the owner was outside so I asked permission to take some photo's and he said fine and we ended up having a good long talk about the place.

The farm was settled by his family in 1817. And they first lived in a log cabin on the site. They built this big classic beauty in 1840. When the present owner started coming here his folks lived in St Louis and shipped him off to the farm to spend most of his time with his grandparents.

The house has been tuck-pointed at some point and maintained well.
A porch no longer covers the front of the house, but you can still see the outline of where it had been.
The only thing detracting from the look of the place is the new windows. Although the shape of the window openings is the same, the newer style windows do not belong.
I am sure it was done to help cool and heat the place better.

A neat stone building is attached at the back.

It is in very fine shape.

 Also on this trip I explored some more back roads and came across this wonderful old church at Mt. Air cemetery.
Lovingly maintained next to the cemetery.
I was very much surprised and pleased to find the place wide open and well furnished.

One big room with a covered entrance.

 Inside was definitely period to about the time the place was built.
This wonderful pump organ.
 Right next to the beautiful bookcase holding bibles and hymnals

On the wall the page and attendance board.
 On another wall, this old upright piano.
 Keys on the organ.
 This is the second stove covering we have come across in the last year to make a stove safer and better looking.
 Tucked behind an extra bench is old folding tables that could be set up outside for nice weather functions.
 Although, as you can see, not original to these doors, the locks and bolts being used are still very old.
 I was afraid to turn to many pages in the bible for fair of pages coming out, so I did not find the date it was printed. But it sure was old.
Lined up, ready for church.

 The cemetery also was well taken care of, with some very old dates.
 I have never seen this type of raised plot before.
As you can see, at least four markers on top.
Probably a horse and carriage step.
There were two on the site.

 I also checked out a couple of old barns.
One in better shape. . .
. . . than another.

Also drove through Vandalia Mo and found that the old hotel, although decorated for Christmas, was for sale.
Vandalia has a very nice old main street.

But, alas, not everything I went past was worth saving.

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