Monday, December 16, 2013

We lose another from 'The Greatest Generation'

Just a few weeks ago, in the middle of November we said goodbye to my sister-in-laws step father.
We had known him and his family for about fifty-five years.
I guess at some point I knew he had been in the service, but it wasn't, as is often the case, until we were at his memorial that I found out to what extent. As with most of his generation he was pretty quiet about it, willing to talk about it if it came up, but otherwise kept it to himself.

He was in the army towards the end of the war.
Participated in the Battle of the Bulge.
His glider crashed in the river on landing and his commander was killed.
He was stuck in a wine cellar for a couple of days (he rather liked that part).
Fell in love with a french girl, but didn't get to bring her home.

He was buried with military honors.

 A very intelligent man, working at times for McDonald Douglas, Boeing and NASA.

Built an electric car years ago.

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