Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I finally got my own office. . .

No, this is not it. I wish.

But everyone needs their own office at some point in their life. Whether it is at home or at work, at some time we need that space we can call our own. An atmosphere of productive solitude. I have always been very productive in my solitude.

Sure, every one's idea of the perfect office space is different. And most of us will never get the office space we really want; view of Central Park, top floor of a very tall building, hidden bar for those 'special' meetings, or not so hidden. A giant couch where we can close our eyes and contemplate executive orders, etc.

Well look at that! This one has a couch and a bar. Wow!

But we need that space to call our own. No longer do we have to share refrigerator with three month old pizza or worse. (Sometimes you can't ever tell what it was.)

We need our own coffee pot, even if it's just for boiling tea water. A tiny microwave is a must.

Sure, I had office 'space' before. Shared. With several loud furnaces, lots of dust, a couple invisible mice and all the other things needed in a shared space, people sharing it with you.

But now I have my own room. No one else. With a door. A window, although only looking inside the building, but a window none the less.

I can hide my lunch. I can eat where I want. And I can lock it if they ever give me the key.

But it is mine.

Sure. . . it's a little spartan yet.
And the decorators have not arrived with the hardwood and leather.
But I get to decide what goes where and what gets hung up. 

And did I mention it has a window.

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