Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beer battles

I sometimes find Phyllis Schlafly's comments on NPR if not agreeable at least interesting.
But now she is alienating good beer drinkers as well.
Since St. Louis has lost, in most beer drinkers opinion, it's connection with Busch as a St Louis symbol, do we really want to loss a connection to really good beer?
Us non-Busch drinkers still think it was wrong to have  lost that icon of the city.

But Phyllis's latest comments just goes to show, once again, how un-associated the Republican party is with it's working class base. She says, “In connection with its usage as a surname, it has the connotation of conservative values, which to millions of Americans (such as Baptists and Mormons) means abstinence from alcohol,” her filing with the trademark office states, “An average consumer in Saint Louis and elsewhere would think ‘Schlafly’ is a surname associated with me, and thus the registration of this name as a trademark by Applicant should be denied.”

Well, she we be more likely to get my vote if she was associated with a good beer.

Here is the whole story,  or you can buy the paper.

You know where my vote would go.

True, the story does not talk about Schlafly Beer losing the use of the name on it's beer's. Which kinda makes the debate even more silly if you ask me.

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