Monday, September 4, 2017

Family Wheels - Sepia Sat. 383

I know, I am a little late, Holiday weekend and all.
But here goes.

As always with Sepia Sat. the themes can be as loose as we chose.

So I went with the theme of the bikes and wheels.

As with most American families, over the years we have had quite a set of wheels.

One of the first sets I can remember seeing pictures of was the wheels on the Ambulance my dad drove for St. John's Ambulance Brigade.

 He loved that job.

I loved working with and for people, and he also loved working with the youth program the brigade had.
Similar I would imagine to the Boy Scouts.

Dad is on the left.
This seems to be a different, perhaps older ambulance.

Dad is in the ambulance with the victim.

Then of course there are the wheels of our youth.

This is me on the first set of wheel I remember. I believe it came with us from England.

It seemed so big to me back then.

This is what makes me still believe it did follow us over.

This is my brother on the bike while we were still in Selby.

Shorts and a tie, it has to be England.

Here he is again, a little younger, but still in England.

I don't remember this one, although that is me in the back.

My brother doesn't look to happy to be hauling me around.

I hate to think what this wheels picture means.

Maybe I refused to pull him or something, but he looks pretty happy with himself there holding MY teddy bear!

I remember this bike.
Not so much because I ever rode it, but because I remember my brother riding down a hill that would have been just to the left of this picture and him flying over the handle bars and landing on his chest.
I think that is why to this day he has very little hair there.

The trike can be seen to the right in the photo.

Another set of wheels my brother had that I never did was four wheels on a 'soap box derby' car.
He is on the right.

 Of course over the years dad had some pretty cool wheels.

I remember more about when we got rid of this car than actually having it.

I cried at was left the lot with a newer car.
 I would love to have this one today. It would be worth quite a lot.

1957 Chery.

Left; me with my Teddy back. Mom. My brother with a big bunny.

Easter time.
Brother and bunny and car.

Of course, as we got bigger and family vacations and interests changed, so did our wheels.

1964 Ford station wagon.
A third seat, which I don't think we ever actually used folded up facing backwards in the back.

Dad finishing up the packing.

We have had many other cars and truck since then, but these are all I have in Black and White, and I didn't feel it fair to post any in color.

Well okay, maybe just one.

My 1962 Austin Sprite.


  1. Great photos, John. Love the over-sized tricycle and that gorgeous Chevy! And of course the soap box derby cars bring back memories -- although the ones in your photo are much fancier than the ones from my childhood neighborhood. :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yea, they got pretty high tech. with the racer around here.