Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ever Elusive Uncle Leslie - Not a big break in the hunt, but a big surprise.

If you have been following the drama that is my search from my moms brother Leslie, you will know I have very little information on him and am having trouble coming up with more.
He falls into a time period were he does not appear on one set of census data (being to young) and the next set not being yet release to the public.
When searching for his war records I keep running into another Leslie.
But yesterday, catching up on my Facebook feed, I found my cousins wife had recently posted some new scans from my aunt (who is 90 plus) from a box of photos she has.
And she had two I had never seen before.
But only one related to Uncle Leslie.
Verbal family history has it that Uncle Leslie was married for a very short while and my moms family (at least my mom) only remembers her vaguely and only having met her once or twice.
We are not sure of her name. And we don't know what happened to the marriage.
But one of the pictures that was posted was of Uncle Leslie getting married.

He is, well, the groom in this photo, holding the gloves.

I don't know anyone else in this photo, and other than the best man, if indeed that is who is next to Leslie, they are probably all friends and/or family of the bride. The photo was probably taken before the war.

Although not really supplying any new information on his war record it does at least add fact to family lore.
And it inspires one to keep pursuing his history.

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