Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Outside kinda few days. . . .

Weather has been perfect, knee is doing well . . .

 . . . so after having chili with Batgirl
 . . . we spent most of the next four days outside.

I think she needs a bigger bike.
 Friday no school, so. . .

off to Daniel Boone's home.
 Daniel Boone's home (actually his sons)
 Learning about school in a one room school house.
 Our excellent guide
 Always ready to volunteer to help the leader, daughter learns about using a draw knife and 'shaving horse'.
 Pulling the bell rope
 Outside the old church
Plenty of log cabins at Boone's Village
 Checking out another one.
 We're going to build a couple of these on our property.
 Reading about Boone while waiting for mom. . .
. . . to go apple picking.
 Sat. first soccer game.

"We won!"

Then I got out to the cabin for a little while and it looked like spring.

Mushrooms were up. . .
 . . . so was grandma. . .
. . .

 . . . as were the flowers.

Sunday the second game, and they won again!

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