Monday, October 27, 2014

Elusive Uncle Leslie - update.

If you have followed this blog for more than a couple of month's, yes, both of you, you will know that I enjoy doing family research and am now on a quest for war records for my dad and two uncle's.
My dad I have quite a bit on, and from a recent discovery of a relative, I now have a lot on one uncle.
But Uncle Leslie is always proving a little tougher.
He left no family, nor much information.
I have however had a bit of good news over the last few weeks.

First was that I received his death certificate, which makes it easier to trace info.

And second was I found a very helpful lady in the British Army personnel center.

I first met her inquiring into the best way to send the required funds overseas to get war records.

My email was handed off to her and she has gone above and beyond.

Not only is she helping with the money, she is also making sure that there are records on my uncle's before I send money and go to all the trouble of over-seas research.
And today her good news was they do have records on Leslie.

It had become one of those things where I was almost afraid to take another step in case in lead no where.

Now I just have to make sure all my forms are filled out correctly.

Wish me luck.

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