Friday, February 5, 2016

Sepia Saturday 316 - Moving pictures

 In 1942 Paramount Studios visited RAF Kenley for what ever reason the studio unit needed I guess.

My dad was with the 350 at the time but I don't think he was present at the time.

The 350 was made up of mostly Belgian pilots.

My dad was with the unit for about 18 months before moving over to bomber command.
You tube has a few videos of flights from the 350.

He sure did love the Spitfire.

You can learn more about the 350 here.

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  1. Thanks for the link to see more about the 350. Interesting photos - yours & the additional ones on the link. Too bad your Dad wasn't there the day Universal came to film things.

    1. He may have been, but I am sure it was more about the Belgian issues and wanted to show they were fighting back.
      Dad was ground crew, so that was never news worthy.

    2. Isn't that always the way. Some of the most important work is never seen or noted outright. A bit unfair!

  2. He could've been famous! Interesting post~

  3. Love your photos. The camera shot is an excellent match for the prompt.

  4. Good to see that the movies included the RAF. Thanks for your still photos

  5. Great photos! I also love the one with the video camera in it.

  6. My father worked on Spitfires during the War and never lost his love for them.

  7. An excellent take on the theme. The second photo is special.