Friday, May 26, 2017

Ode to the cigar box. . . .

I have been going through some old cupboards of mom's over the last few months, with her.
We have come up with many fun, historical, hysterical and interesting finds.

One item brought back many memories, The Cigar Box!

 We use to ask at the old '905 Liquor Store' when ever dad took us in, it they had any empty cigar boxes.

At least that's the one I remember asking for them in. There were probably others, but that's the one that sticks out.

I came across this one this past weekend.

It must hold treasures, right!
 This is a view of the contents.

An old clipping that a friend of the family had written about her memories of living through the 'Battle of Britain'.

An old Scotch tape container, which held other things.

A Lucy from 'Peanuts' ornament of some sort, made of wood. Unknown age. My family never expressed any warm feelings for the Peanuts people, so this one is a mystery.

And a letter from my uncle Alvin, who served in WW2 and passed away a few days before Kennedy was shot. We were in the funeral parade when we hard about the assassination.

I have not read it all yet, I think my cousins will like a copy, but for some reason it was written to my mom to give to my aunt.

It's not always about what's inside as much as finding something new/old to explore.

Do they still make cigar boxes?
I wish they did, I would get some for my daughter to explore when I get old.

What do you keep your treasures in?

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