Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Family, history, airplanes and RAF

My dad, while in the RAF, was stationed on a field where the American Eagle Squadron was stationed.
While he was not assigned to the Eagle Squadron he did state that at times they would be sent over to help on the Spitfires.

Here I have found some art work done by Disney artists for the Eagle Squadron.

Over the course of the war, Disney artists designed more than 1,200 combat insignia for all branches of the US military and for its allies. Besides the famed Flying Tigers insignia, one of the most celebrated designs was made for England’s (UK's)Royal Air Force. Prior to Pearl Harbor, many American pilots joined England’s Royal Air Force as members of Eagle Squadrons 71, 121, and 133. An entry in a Hearst newspaper insignia stamp album stated, "Walt Disney artists were quick to chronicle the significance of this combat union with an American Eagle ‘on guard.’ Fiercely he advances to contest the fouling tactics of a barbarous and un-sportsmanlike adversary, as he moves in to the attack with his English ‘comrade-at-arms.’”


  1. Really interesting. I didn't know about Disney's involvement in these insignia. Hope you don't mind me offering one tiny, but important, correction: the Royal Air Force serves the whole of the United Kingdom, not just England.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. And you are correct about United Kingdom and not just England. I should have put "" around the cut and paste of someone else's work:)
      Disney himself had been in WWI so probably realized the need to do his part again. They even made some war effort cartoons throughout.