Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busy weekend

Left Friday evening to head down to the

Saint Francis river and Fredericktown Mo.
for our ACA Instructor Recert.
I camped out at Silver mines and the next morning
went into Fredericktown for breakfast. Caught up
with the people at A&M during breakfast and all their tales about the tornado a few years ago.
The restaurant owner also owns a beauty shop which she lost to the tornado, but has since had it and her home rebuilt.

Fredericktown is the county seat of Madison County and has a nice old train depot and court house. . . . . .

They have also preserved an old cabin or two in town. . . .

The drive from town back towards the river is always wonderful.

Some of the prettiest farm and ranch land in Missouri.
When I first started coming down to the river, there was an old log cabin in the beginning stages of collapse. After almost 20 years it still has not given up.

Nice partial dovetail notches on the ends of the logs.

We met at the river for 8:30 a.m and we soon had a good crowd, all down to take their instructor recert. examine for the day. A very colorful array of boats and gear, and kayak hauling machines.

Although the water was a little low, we had a great day and learned a lot.

         On Sunday daughter and I visited the Queen of Scotland at the St. Charles Tartan days. 

But in the end decided she would rather carry a sword than wear an overly big dress. . .

She also tried her hand at tossing or moving the hammer.
The day on the river was great, as was the time I spent with daughter, but
Tartan Days was very disappointing this year. . . 
I apologize for the spacing. Blogger is being a little cranky today.

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