Friday, April 8, 2011

Wed. evening at the cabin.

Got out the cabin
for a little while on Wed.
to pick up a kayak and
got to spend a little time
out there cleaning up and
taking pictures.
Spring isn't quite in full bloom,
but it is getting close.

Only a couple of different kinds of flowers are coming up,
but they are real pretty.

Just love the green moss background. . . .


Something about wood and old metal rotting and rusting away outside.
Seems natural. I hope we can say that about plastics some day.

The lanterns and wheelbarrow still work by-the-way.

The May Apples are coming up, but will be a while before
they bare fruit.

Late afternoon sun on the logs of the little cabin.
And the colors that can be found on old tin roofs is just fantastic.

Happy Spring!

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