Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend at the farm.

We left Friday night for the about 2 hour drive up to wife's
family farm near Shelbina Mo.
The farm has been in the family for several generations now
and it is always great to go back.
Daughter always loves her days there.
The house was built in the early 1900's and it feels like
the kinda place a kid should go to for a visit with great grandparents.

Still has the old root cellar.
And Grand Ma's feather bed.

A nice big shady front porch.
Antique's in the kitchen. (an early I-phone; "I had to use my fingers to make it work phone").
Always cattle around the barns and fields..
Down the gravel lanes are lots of farm-scape's. . .
and wild flowers. .

And plenty of time to fish. . .

Uncle Chuck caught the biggest ones . .

Aunt Tina caught the most. . .

But mom held her own with a couple real nice ones. . .

Daughter even tried a few casts before moving on to other things. . .
Frogs kept a close eye on the kids bushwhacking to get
to the best spots. . .

There was time to give a turtle a bath. . .

But daughters favorite thing is to ride on the mule. . .
Budding NRA members learned to shoot marshmallow guns. . .

Daughter even stood still long enough to get pictures taken . .

Even a four generation one. ..
This is what summer weekends are suppose to be like!

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