Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hardly any labor Labor Day weekend.

What a great Labor Day Weekend.
The kind you participate in hoping your kids will
hold on to the memory as they get older.
We started Sat. morning with catch up shopping and then yard work.
After cleaning up we headed out to my brothers annual Dove Feast.
This is usually held in a field on the farm where he is allowed to hunt, and at the end of a week hunting they invite out friends and family that are connected with my brother and the farms owners.

Surrounding the feast area are acres of corn rows.

Old farm equipment lends atmosphere to the surroundings.
You can’t beat the colors and texture of old wood and metal being reclaimed my mother earth.

The kids had a great time playing ball or just running around.

Of course, the best is getting to ride around in some of the carts used by the hunters.

Wife got to catch up with family.

My brother and his family always go all out in the food preparation department, and with a few like talented friends, put on quite a spread of Cajun delights. Dove included.

A cold front was making its way through the area near dusk and offered some wonderful cloudscapes.

Once it got dark, the kids had a blast running around with glow-sticks.

Daughter and all were very happily tired by the time we got home.

Sunday morning we headed up to wife’s family farm, which is always a blast.

Our daughter almost always knows she is going to get to spend the day running around with favorite cousins,

. . but this time there was also the treat of seven new kittens.

The weather was so wonderful, with the afternoon high in the 70’s that we spent most of the afternoon sitting outside and talking.
Wife and sis-in-law did some repairs on grandma’s cushions.

Grandpa’s been living in this house since he was one and it is always good to get him talking about the farm and the area when he was growing up.

Not much healthier for kids than spending the days playing outside.

Monday we finished our yard work and I got to run out to the cabin with the brush, and took a nap on the porch.

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