Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer memories are made of these. . . .

Everyones summer memories should include visits to lakes, and beaches and swimming docks.
I know mine are, and I hope daughters will be.
This past weekend started with the discovery of a lone Cicada, one of the few we still see.

Then, Sat. afternoon I had to go out to the cabin to start some work on the stove for winter and drove by a cabin I had forgotten about and had not seen for several years.

Although in a very bad state, the roof is somewhat intact, so the main structure still looks pretty good.
The thing that is really interesting about this cabin is that with much of the siding gone you can really see how they were built and added onto.

The original stucture is the lower right hand part, the lower part of the two story section.

Either part of the orginal structure was removed to add the second story, or, more than likely, it was orginally a story and a half with a frame additon added later to make it a two story.
You can see where the lower logs had been whitewashed at one time, the first attempt to make the place look more 'modern'.
Below you can see how the 'third' room was just butted onto the original house. Note the plaster lathes on the interior wall. Also notice the rocks between the logs to hold the 'Chinking'.

A real neat history lesson in rural building.

Sunday afternoon daughter and I got out to the cabin again and walked to a nearby lake.
The lake is large and very seldom used. Late evening we can have it to ourselves.
She has not been swimming in it yet, but loves the beach.

Dig and dig and dig!

Haul buckets full of water to make. . . .

. . . a big soup with stick carrots, mussel shell mushrooms, sand salt and pepper and rocks for potatoes. 

Some day she will swim out to the dock and feel the slimmy anchor cables and jump off of the dock into the sometime cool, sometimes warm waters.

But for right now, the sand and sand pies, and sand castles are pretty cool.

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