Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Speaking of Beatrix Potter. . .

Well, I guess we weren't. But after listening to NPR this morning I guess we are now.

Recently a 'new' old manuscript by Ms. Potter has been found and is being published. As most people know a big part of the charm of her books were her wonderful illustrations of her stories.
Unfortunately, with her recent marriage and WWI coming on she never got around to illustrating 'Kitty-in-boots'.
So to go along with this new publication they had to come up with an illustrator to do the stories justice.
They choose Quentin Blake who is possibly best known for illustrating the books of Roald Dahl.

Well, besides this all being great news for fans of Potter's works, it got me thinking how much I enjoy visiting an artists studio, past and present. Many museums have acquired artists studio and many have been preserved so we can see if not how at least where they worked.
I have visited a few and hope to see more. It is also a treat to visit present working artist studios and see how they use the space, as well as how they 'decorate' their working environment. Some are simple and sparse, while others cluttered and filled with inspiration.

Here are some pictures of Mr. Blake's and a few others.


  1. I love visiting artist studios as well. Lastly was Charles M. Russell's in Great Falls Montana while going to a nephews wedding. Sadly we could not go into the log cabin studio. Great article.

    1. Thanks. I have several friends who have nice studios and I love stopping by.

    2. Check out the gilcrease museum tulsa