Thursday, October 18, 2012

Colors, they are a changin' . . .

I have gotten a chance to spend some time down at the cabin the last two weekends.
And despite, or because of, the dry summer, the change is really beautiful.
I think it is a little early this year, but if cooler weather comes early, . . . well, I'm OK with that.

I love the sun coming through the trees, especially the orange leafs.

Above the little cabin.
Late afternoon sun.

While down there, I was able to make sure the stove was in working order.
And do some cleaning up.
Got the hiking sticks ready.
Worked on our collections of shells and rocks . . .
and other stuff.
First weekend we had time to do a let relaxing.

and jumping.

The second weekend I was alone, and I found the colors a little further along.
Got the porch ready for some serious sitting.

Heeding my own posting. . .
I took some time to relax and. . .

. . . enjoy another new beer.
As the label says; 'Wee Heavy' and it was.
A really strong malty Scotch Ale, almost thick in texture.. Nice color and clear and a good quality beer.
A little strong for my liking, and although a very good beer, I will not be looking for it again.

The drive home down back roads only made for an even better weekend.
Near sunset.

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