Monday, July 30, 2012

Country days. . . .

As you can see in the above picture, our morning started out a little rainy. Our first real rain in about two months.
So loading up for our day required umbrella's for going back and forth to the car.

We arrived up at Shelbina in time for lunch at Martha's, . . . .

. . . . where they were having a very busy lunch rush on a Sunday after church.
We met up with Great Grandparents who were celebrating 71 years marriage.

Way in the back over Great Grandma's shoulder is Grandpa Charlie and Great Uncle Cary.
Corn-dogs and fries.
By the front door of Martha's.
(Next time I want to get there for breakfast!)
Then out to the farm to visit and help Grandma with some hard to reach projects.

Laundry this time by the often posted old cellar.
Side porch, nice and shady.
Front steps.
Of course, no trip to the farm would be complete without a 'mule ride'.
Wife and Grandpa getting fishin' stuff together.
Out to the pond.
Pink practice reel to learn how to cast.
Grandpa caught the first one.
Fishin' buddies.
OK, this time you get to reel in Grandpa's.

One step closer to fishin'.
'Ok, but once it starts wigglin', I'm out of here!'
Reelin' in one for mommy.
'OK, this time I'll hold it till it is out of the water . . .
. . .and maybe I'll look inside it's mouth.'

We caught probably eight small bass in about 15 mins.
You never really think about the things your child may not know about that you took for being a common house-hold item. But I was caught a little off guard when daughter asked what these were.

She didn't know what a clothes pin was.

Or that women usually made the clothes pin bag out of an old dress and a coat hanger.

We told her how they use make dolls out of clothes pins also.

It just takes one generation for things to become unrecognizable.

That's one of the reasons we go to the farm.

After fishin' we headed to town for an Ice Cream Social at the old Methodist church.

Lots of folks on hand, getting out of the hot sun.
No one was in a hurry to leave.

Even local politicians shaking hands and campaigning.

Once again, a great day at the farm.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Go UK!

What a year it has been so far. . .

and more to come.
UK has a chance of getting the third highest gold medal count this year.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I hope this trend continues. . . .

"During the past 60 years, the size of American homes has exploded, but the trend is now moving in the opposite direction, proving once more that bigger isn’t always better. In 1950 the average American home size was 983 square feet; by 2009 the average home was 2,343 square feet—even as family size shrank. Finally, it appears people are rethinking housing size. "

Rethinking size. . .

This 450-square-foot British Columbia cabin is so comfortable its owners decided to make it their full-time home rather than a vacation retreat.

I know I would have to purge about 96% if of my things to make it work, but I love the idea.
OK! Maybe I would have to start with three cabins.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

QS 348 - 'Headin' for Shade'

The hot weather made me think of this one.

Suppose to be 104 degrees today.

Made it. . .

I don't know where I ever heard it, or from whom, but I remember being told that if you got your first red tomato by July 4th  you were doing good.
Well daughter and wife made it, in grandma's garden.
We went over there yesterday and found one red tom.
This is not it, but it did look a lot like this one.
But, alas, ours did not survive the day.

It was the only one looking ready, but it was nice.

Ah, summer.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wow! We loved it. . ..

We took daughter to see 'Brave' this past Friday and we all loved it.
The animation of people, animals and scenery was some of the best ever done in my opinion.
The textures on every thing in the movie were fantastic.
Merida's hair and how they did it was unbelievable.

My only wish would be that they had developed the story a little better to make a longer movie.

It seems like once it really got going, it ended to quickly.

For once they did a kids movie where the girl (or princess ) did not have to be rescued by a knight on a big horse.
Merida was a very strong individual and a good roll model as far as Disney Princess's go.

The Scottish landscape was very beautifully done and a visual pleasure. I only wished they could have used it more.

They could have done without the triplets. They didn't have enough to do and distracted from the rest of the movie. They were not played up well enough for comic relief, (although they did have a few moments).

The scenes with Mother Bear were fantastic.

Angus could have used a little more air time (right Bling?).

The witch was a little confusing, was she suppose to be funny or scary? Or both? Her hobby reminded me of all the rural chainsaw artists we see on back roads and Bass Pro. (You'll have to see it to get what I mean.)

But still, my biggest complaint was that it just wasn't long enough.

A visual delight.

And if ya love reading about stuff like this check out the book on how the movie was made.

Some of these books are real good, and some so-so.

This one is in the real good category.

The Art of Brave.

Franklin would be proud. . .

Read more. . . .

And if you can't make up your mind who to vote for. . . .

OK, I just love this. . .

For more reading. . .

Dry, dry, dry, dry, dry.

Got out to the cabin on the first, yesterday, and boy is it dry. Hardly any rain in the last three months, and almost a week of 100 degree plus.
Well, at least I haven't had to mow much (just once so far) this summer.