Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Budding artist, proud dad.

Daughter has been wanting to go with dad to 'art class' for a while now.
So with mom working last night and options being going or staying home, . . . well there really was not an option.
So we got out her new art kit (which she had got for a birthday), found her a bag to carry all her stuff in, found a couple of canvases for her and off we went.
She had been with me a couple of times, but only till mom was able to pick her up.
This would be the first full session, . . . .with paints.

What did I have to worry about, one kid, eight adults. No problem.
(We even took the movie player, just in case).

We took an old tee-shirt for a painting smock (grandma, maybe you can help her make a real smock with her new sewing machine?).
First she practiced for a while on the dry-erase board.
Then we set her 'canvas' and organized her paints and brushes.
Hard at it.
We were there for almost two hours and daughter concentrated on painting the whole time.
Finished and on display.
Landscape and nutcracker.

And she wants to go again.

Of course we celebrated later with ice cream.

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