Friday, February 15, 2013

Rod: The Autobiography - a review.

I have never been a fan of the Rolling Stones (although I did see them in concert once, and I still don't know why) Same goes for Aerosmith and some of those other 1970's early rock bands. I don't think I was ever mature enough for there stuff. Probably still am not.

But Rod Stewart has always had a few songs that I like.
So when I heard him in an interview on NPR talking about his new book, I was intrigued.
In the interview he sounded like the kind of person you would want to sit across from in a pub and enjoy a good football game with.

The book is much the same way.

Unapologetic and open, but not without a little name dropping, the book is a fun insight into his life.

One he seems to express that he is grateful for.

I enjoyed it.

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