Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ketchup time - Easter and Tartan Days

Between Easter eggs and Highland dress, April is a very colorful month.
 Happy after a visit from the main bunny.
 Decked out for church.
 While waiting for Tartan Days to begin, we thought we would get a photo with our good friend Daniel Boone.
(Daniel forgot to keep holding her hand as she did a spin)
 Waiting for the parade to begin.
 Start of the parade.
 The first pipes arrive.
 John Ford Highland band.
 Sheltie rescues on parade.
 Each clan carried their own banner.
 Scottie rescues on parade.
 Caledonia pipe band.
 Trying on Highland hats.
 I think I saw this hansom guy in that 'Brave' movie.
 Bow and arrow maker.
 Replica viking long boat.
I don't know what shaved ice has to do with Scotland, but she loved it.

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