Friday, February 14, 2014

Ever elusive Uncle Leslie

If you have followed this blog for any length of time you know that I am very interested in my families history.
Especially as it pertains to WW2.
I have posted several finds over the years of my fathers time in service.
But I am also interested in two of my uncle's, on my mother's side, time in service.
And any other family members history also.
One uncle served in North Africa and ended the war as a German POW, and I have at least some information on him.
The other uncle, Uncle Leslie is proving much harder to pin down.
Not only in his war record hard to trace, but just about everything else as well.
I only have one picture of him (below).

and just his birth and death records.
He was also apparently in North Africa and was also attached to the Chindits in Burma for a while.

Well, as I have done my searches over the last year or so, another Leslie (same last name) keeps popping up. However, each record suggests he died in 1942 as a result of his time in Burma.
Well, our Leslie out-lived the war by about twenty years.

Just this week I made contact with a couple of gentlemen who have an interest in Chindit history and maintain vast amounts of info on it's men.
They to had found Leslie (not ours) but thought the similarities may mean it was actually our Leslie, but his death may have just been reported in error.

That was not the case as there were to many differences. But they did send me the following two correspondence when hoping they had found the right one.
Again, it was not.

But. . . . the story that was contained in the two letters needed to be shared.

It could have been our Leslie's fate, or any number of other young men who served there and in any number of other horrible places during our wars.

I have tried to remove the names as much as possible to respect their families where I can.

But I felt it needed to be shared.

Click on them to make them bigger if you need to.

Just though you may be interested.

and here is a little information on the Karen people of Burma


  1. I like how dressed up he was too. This is quite an amazing letter.

  2. I was just over a year old last time I saw him. And not leaving any family behind, I just want to find out as much about him as I can.