Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A couple of months worth of bucket list. . . .

Starting next week I am going to be off my feet for a while with knee surgery.
I know there will be some pain involved, but I am looking forward to the two to three months being away from my job of 35 years. A break was needed. I would have preferred retirement, but that is not an option . . yet.

Along with the needed break I am looking forward to getting a few things done that require me to be in a seated position for a while.

My wife has for many years now been pressing me to get busy and start practicing on my chanter so I can advance to the real bagpipes. So I have my chanter out and ready.

(My wife hasn't actually been pushing me to practice. Matter of fact I keep finding my chanter in the trash.)

Next I want to do some more research into our family tree. . 

and dig even deeper into the trail of our 'ever elusive Leslie' . . .

along with military records for another uncle and my dad.

I also intend to scan and backup hundreds of photos.

And some where in here I also need to find time to do some more art work. . .

And keep up three blogs, catch up on movies and books, practice juggling and learn how to make good scones and mushy peas.

May have to get the other knee done also.

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