Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Since the last list was so much fun!

Are These the Most Iconic Restaurants in Every State?


  1. One thing is for sure it's a- Nice view!

    1. An interesting list but very wide of the mark in my experience. Ohio? Has to be Skyline for the original Cincinnati chili. Washington state? Has to be Stanley & Seafort's in Tacoma. New Mexico? Has to be El Paragua in Espanola. Oregon? Has to be Mo's in Newport. Tennessee? Has to be Big Ed's in Oak Ridge. California? Has to be Tito's in Culver City. Etc., etc., etc. We're talking icons here, not necessarily the best meal or the longest history. These are restaurants that say "If you haven't been to (restaurant name), you haven't been to (location.)"

    2. As you say, the list is going to vary a bit from person to person.
      Thanks for stopping by, it's been a while.