Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter week 2015

 Easter week was a busy week.

First we started with our schools Tech Fest!

The kids worked in teams and showed us parents all the modern tech. that they were learning to us.
 This way mom and dad!
 Next was Friday Easter Egg dyeing.
 Pretty colors.
 Saturday found us heading to first of the month building project at Home Depot.
And you just have to pose with a pretty truck.
 Finished project.
Teaching grandma how to use the IPAD while waiting for breakfast.
 Another pretty truck on the way out to the cabin.
 Getting dirt ready to do some planting.
 Elbow deep in dirt.
 Look how dirty I got mom!
 Grandma helping out.
 A little of this, a little of that.
 Finished project with plants.
 Time for a selfie.
 Time to do some sketching.
 Grandma enjoying the sun.
 How do I get back across!
Learning to tend the fire.

 Stylin' high time.
 and again.

 Wild flowers are starting to come up.

 Good form.
 Tending the smoke.
Waiting for the tube steaks.
 You can eat on the trampoline also.
 Photo bombing grandma.

 Easter morn.
 What can I say?

 Fun with cousins.
 Go-cart driving with ears . . .
 . . . without.
Even a little time left for a zip-line run.

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